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Warranty Info 

Repairs & Parts Service Info

Each Solis LED balloon light comes with a three year
limited warranty. This covers manufacturers defect, recall, etc. Please contact us at 234-738-8234 with warranty concerns. 

All of our lights are made, serviced, and warrantied from Ohio. Please contact us for parts and service. We guarantee a five business day turnaround on all parts and repairs. Send us the lights on Monday, we will have them back to you the following Monday, guranteed. 


What is maintenance on Solis led balloon lights?
Simply keep the unit clean and free from drops.

How do I power my Solis LED balloon light?
Each light runs on 110/220vac which is powered from a wall outlet, small generator, vehicle inverter.

How long do Solis LED balloon lights last?
Our lights last 50,000hrs. Departments typically use our lights for 4-5 years without any repairs. The lights can be repaired for many years before having to invest in new lighting.

How do I get my light repaired?
Solis guarantees a five day return on lights, contact us for return information.

Are Solis LED lights waterproof?
Our lights are water resistant and able to function in heavy rain.

How high do your stands go up?
We offer tripod stands from 13ft to 24ft

Do you offer discounts?
We frequently run specials for our customers, get in touch!
We frequently run 

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